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Bhaktamar Stotra Stories (The Lotus Blooms In The Void Lap)

King Hemabrahma and his obedient queen Hamesri ruled over the Bhadrawati City of Kamarupa. One day they went for sporting in forest. In the jungle, there was a great ascetic meditating on a piece of rock. They went to his refuge, and sat near his feet after having a vision. The queen wanted to tell her miseries about her want of a son. But before she could speak to the ascetic-king, he read her mental-phase through telepathy. He spoke to the king, “Raise up a new Jain temple with a golden summit (top).  After decorating the temple, establish the images of twenty-four founders. A part from this, write the ninth stanza of the great effective Bhaktamara in the disc of gold, silver or bronze with saffron and drink the water with devotion after washing it. Your wish will be fulfilled.”

The King accepted the technique with devotion as taught by the great ascetic and practiced the same in his palace. It was fifth of spring. The flowering queen Hemasri conceived and her fortune bloomed. After nine months, the royal palace resounded with greetings.

  The whole city celebrated a festival with trails of lamps. The child was named Bhuvanabhusana.

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